3 Fundamental Tips on Renting a Printer in Sydney

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We slice through the ins and outs of Renting a Printer in Sydney

Renting a printer in Sydney can be tough at times, just the sheer amount of Photocopier and Printer dealers out there is enormous and not to mention the amount of printer and photocopier bands and products that are out there. So you ask yourself, what is best for you and your business. What type of budget do you have on a monthly basis for toners and servicing or are you going to buy the toners each month as they run out. Just the amount of variables and options available to you is pretty big and somewhat confusing. Not to mention a slick printer/photocopier salesman coming into your office and pushing you a printer and photocopier that is probably not right for you or your business over a 48 or 60 month period.

So when looking to Rent, Hire or Leasing a Printer in Sydney, follow these 3 fundamental rules

1. What kind of Printer Lease are you quoting me? Fair Market Value or Dollar Buy Out Leasing Options

Most of the time when leasing a printer you’ll be offered either a Hire Purchase Lease or a Dollar Buy Out Lease.

The first type of lease is the higher purchase lease. This is the most common of all printer leases. About 99% of the printer leases we write are higher purchase leases within the printer and photocopier space. The way that this lease works is that at the end of the lease term the leasing company will tell you what the fair market value of that machine is and then you can buy it from them for that amount of money, trade it back in and get into another lease with newer equipment.

2. Is the Copier Maintenance/ Service Agreement Rolled into the Lease?

When you lease a new printer you’ll want to put a service and maintenance agreement on the printer, which includes toner and maintenance.

Typically printer maintenance plans are either billed as part the lease in which case you’ll only get one bill, or billed separately from your printer company in which case you’ll get 2 bills.

Just be aware of that.

3. Make sure you get a great rate on your cost per copy

A lot of Printer rental and Hire companies make most of there money of the cost per copy of the machine, rate start from .7 to .20 for colour and 0.07 to 0.020 for black and white, if you are get cost per copy plans any higher then the above, you are getting ripped off, so again beware of that as well.