How To Decide on a Color or Black and White Multifunction Printer For Your Business

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One one hand the colour machines today produce stunning colour and clarity, on the contrary, an MFP colour printer will cost more for the equipment as well as the expense of the toners for the life of the printer.

In today’s business environments, every cent counts, so you need to ask yourself whether you should purchase a colour or black and white machine.

Do you currently print colour documents on a desktop inkjet or colour laser printers like a Brother, HP, Canon or Epson?

If you currently print colour documents on a desktop printer, this may be an indication that you should go with a colour copier/MFP machine.

The toner cost on a desktop colour printer is very expensive per page compared to what you would pay for a multifunction colour copier/printer. Typically a colour print from a desktop printer can run you anywhere between 14 cents to 30 cents per print, which is very high, people don’t realise they are getting ripped off.

Most copier/printer companies will sell multiple brands. However, some dealers prefer to stay with the one brand. However a cost per copy is usually between 0.6 and 0.9c for black and white, and colour is generally 0.9c to 9c colour.

You can see the savings that you will gain when you do a lot of colour printing. There are a lot of savings when you add up the cost over a 3 – 5 year period.

Let’s break out some numbers

Let’s say you currently print 1000 colour prints per month on your desktop printer. At 30 cents per print, this will cost you $300 per month in toners.

By purchasing a colour multifunction printer, a Real MFP, you would be paying between 9c per print, which will cost you around $90.00 per month, that’s a saving of $210.00 per month.

That’s a huge different of $210.00 per month in savings, which is $2520 yearly savings and over a five-year period, you will save $12600, which a huge saving for any business.

Over time the printer/MFP will pay for itself ten times over, so don’t get sucked into the desktop printers if you do a lot of printing.

This example is based on a real life business that we have helped who currently does 1000 pages per month which are a typical number for most companies. Most businesses, even small businesses print far more than 1000 colour pages p/m.

This a big money and big savings for a small business

If you print any marketing materials and currently use a desktop printer, you are losing big money by not moving to a MFP printer, Moving to MFP printer guarantees you will be saving huge amounts of money over a 5 year period.

In conclusion
If you decide to purchase a colour, or black and white machine make sure you do the math on your current volumes and see what makes sense for you. It may be wiser to consider a printer lease instead.